Mission Statement

My goal is to help make your trip as perfect as you imagine it to be.

(The longer, more defined version is as follows…)

My goal as a travel writer is to arm you with the pertinent information to, first and foremost, experience an enjoyable, authentic and memorable trip abroad.

I am committed to educating travelers with local knowledge and history so they can make informed decisions that save time, as well as money, while leading to new adventures and acquaintances overseas.

To minimize the advent of stale news and maximize the value of your dollar, I strive to set the gold standard when gathering research. Frankly, I cannot afford to steer you in the wrong direction.

Lastly, my guided tours are conducted in small groups (4-20 pers.) to give all of my valued guests the personal attention they require and deserve, concluding in a safe and rewarding trip.

Bottom line: My goal is your gratifying travels, accented by bountiful discoveries, memorable moments and new friendships!

Brett Harriman