Harriman Tour Packages 2

Join Brett Harriman in discovering the hallowed, historic, and heady sites of Europe in 2017

If you are flexible, culture curious, have an adventurous side, lust for knowledge, like to explore history and have fun, Harriman tour packages are for you.

This is your chance to experience an authentic, enjoyable, exclusive trip abroad with a small group of “friends” led by a veteran guide whose style is to travel like a local.

Choose a themed tour below, pore over its intoxicating itinerary, click to sign up, dust off your passport, barrels of fun and discovery are on the way.

Note — Piggybacking: Our packages have been designed so you can either sign up for one or piggyback them together. For example, the last Belgium Beer & Battlefields tour (August 25—September 3) runs into Germany & Austria Highlights that cheerfully concludes in Munich for Oktoberfest.

Money, package itinerary and details are listed on each respective tour page.


1st tour package:

Multiple dates July thru August — 5, 6, & 9-night options

Belgium Beer & Battlefields

Tour 1: Bastogne to Bruges

This boutique package visits 2 countries, 4 breweries (+ 2 tastings with major brewers), 5 military cemeteries, 2 museums, multiple battlefields (WW I & II), and much more.

Tour 2: Bruges to Waterloo

This exclusive package visits 4 countries, 5 breweries (6 if time allows), 2 museums, 2 major battlefields, 3 military cemeteries (incl. General Patton’s grave in Luxembourg), and much more.

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2nd tour package:

September 5-14, 2017 — 9 nights, 10 days

Germany & Austria Highlights

Frankfurt to Munich via Salzburg & The Sound of Music

On this exclusive one-time tour package we visit 2 countries, 3 capital cities, 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 5 glistening lakes, 12 locations featured in Hollywood movie classics, 1 soaring Eagle’s Nest, 1 famed fairy-tale castle, and much, much more.

Note: There are only a handful of seats available for this one-time tour package. Reserve your place today before the tour is sold out.

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3rd tour package:

Multiple dates September 15 thru October 3

Oktoberfest in Munich

Join Harriman in Munich, Germany for the world’s largest folk festival.

This year marks Brett’s 19th Oktoberfest! He looks forward to sharing with you his passion for the festival’s 200-year-history of pageantry, pomp, and perennial cheer.

So, what are you waiting for, join Harriman and experience Oktoberfest like a local!

Note: Header link jumps to Harriman’s site dedicated to his Oktoberfest packages.

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Feel free to contact Harriman with any questions you may have.

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2 thoughts on “Harriman Tour Packages

  • Jazz Jones

    Brett Harriman was my tour guide in Austria more than a decade ago and found him to be a complete delight. I honestly have never met anyone so friendly, honest, fun and with such a sweeping knowledge of Europe. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm for travel in Europe, and above all, he wants everyone to be happy and have a wonderful time. One word: GO!

  • Joe Iacovelli

    Brett Harriman has been my family’s tour guide twice now. His style and personality suited our’s perfectly. His knowledge of Europe is both broad and deep. He shares the same “be a traveler, not a tourist” ideal. Always authentic, good value for money, and you really only need mention your smallest want or interest to have it addressed promptly and entirely. I do not hesitate to suggest and fully recommend Brett Harriman and his services to you and all of my friends.